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How to Use

grace1.pngTo use the hälsa mat, place on a flat surface and carefully lie down with your back on the mat and your knees in an elevated position. Breathe deeply, relax and distribute your weight evenly across the mat. You may experience discomfort for a few minutes, but this will subside.

For best results, use the mat against your bare skin. First time users may experience higher levels of discomfort. In the early stages of using the hälsa mat, you may place a thin sheet of cotton or a t-shirt between your body and the mat to reduce discomfort. As you become used to the sensation, you will be able to remove the cloth layer.

To use the hälsa pillow, lay on a flat surface and carefully lie down with the back of your head and neck against the pillow. Like the mat, you can lie down with your bare skin directly on the pillow or with a thin cloth layer in between to soften the sensitivity of the spikes. If you use your pillow regularly, you will become more used to it and be able to remove the cloth layer.

Customize your hälsa experience: by using more advanced positions...

  1. On back – Ideal beginners position, offers relief for most types of back and shoulder pain
  2. On stomach – Loosen diaphragm, loosen respiratory muscles, improve digestion, lower cortisol production and improve metabolism
  3. Seated position – Offers relief for tightness in rear and lower back
  4. Rolled under neck – Offers relief for shoulder, neck and upper back tension
  5. On feet – Helps to relax and energize, to improve circulation
  6. On side – Offers relief for hip, lower back, and leg pain